Skripsi Gratis: Enriching Students’ vocabulary by Using Word Cards(Classroom Action Research)

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Students’ vocabulary by Using Word Cards 
(Classroom Action Research) 

Judul Skripsi: Enriching Students’ vocabulary by Using Word Cards (A Classroom Action Research at Second Grade of Marketing Program Class XI.2, SMK Nusantara, Ciputat, South Tangerang)
Research Design/Method: Classroom Action Research
Research Instrument: interview, observation, and  tests

This research was conducted to enrich students’ vocabulary by using word cards at second grade of marketing program SMK Nusantara Class XI.2, SMK Nusntara, Ciputat, South Tangerang. In conducting this research, the writers used classroom action research as a method. She presented the students new vocabularies by using word cards. The research consisted of two cycles, each cycle consisted three meetings ( the test was not included as meeting). This research was carried out for one month. In collecting the data, the writer conducting interview, observation, and tests ( pre test and post test ). From this research, the students could enrich their vocabulary by using word cards, it was improved by the scores of pre test and post test. In pre test, the mean of students’ score was 54.4,there was only one student passing KKM, while the percentage of students passing KKM was 3.44%, the score improved in post test 1, it was in the first cycle, the mean was 74, there were 15 students passing KKM, the percentage of students passing KKM was 51.72, it improved again in the second cycle, the mean was 84, there were 25 students passing KKM and the percentage was 86.20%. From the result of the whole tests the writer concludes that using word cards for enriching vocabulary of students SMK Nusantara class XI.2 marketing program is successful, since the criteria of action success is 75%.

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