Skripsi Gratis: An item analysis on discriminating power of englishsummative test

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discriminating power of English summative test

Judul Skripsi: An item analysis on discriminating power of English summative test ( a case study of second year of SMPN 87 Pondok Pinang)
Research Design/Method: descriptive analysis --> quantitative research
Research Instrument: test

The purpose of this study is to analyze the discriminating power of English Summative test at second grade of “SMPN” 87 Pondok Pinang. Through this study, it is hoped that the teacher can get clear description about the quality of discriminating power of English summative, so the teacher is able to help the poor students. This study is categorized as descriptive analysis; because it is intended to describe the objective condition about the discriminating power of students’ English summative test at odd semester of second grade of “SMPN 87” Pondok Pinang by analyzing the quality of English summative test items in discriminating students’ achievement. This study is considered as quantitative research, because the researcher used some numerical data which is analyzed statistically. The finding of this study is that the English summative test which is tested at second grade of “SMPN 87” Pondok Pinang has good discriminating power, because 35 items ranging from 0.25 until 0.75 (70%) of the test items have fulfilled the criteria of a positive discriminating power.

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